Turkish Air Force

The Turkish Air Force was established to protect Turkey and Turkish nation against possible threats and dangers to come from the air and facilitate the mission of the Turkish Army and Navy. The Headquarters of the Turkish Air Force is located in Ankara.
The main mission of the Turkish Air Force, as an integral part of the Turkish Armed Forces, are deterring any hostile intentions, intercepting enemy aircraft upon their ingress into the Turkish Air Space and collapsing the enemy's determination and power to continue fight by destroying its vital military targets, in case of an attack and winning the war as soon as possible with minimum loss, through the use of existing weapons and assets of high speed and destructive power.
Turkish Air Force, performing these main duties by carrying out various activities and functions in peace and wartime, was involved in an intensive working period in order to attain the contemporary world aviation level and take up its position in the defense of the country more effectively after its re- establishment in parallel with the directives of Atatürk in the Republican Period. Starting from this period, the Turkish Air Force reached its current high level of power as a result of the tremendous and meticulous efforts pursued.
Furthermore, comprehensive reorganization activities were accomplished in the existing organization and in various services, activities and systems during different periods to ensure the continuation of development and progress so far or, in other words, to keep up with our era called 'The Age of Technology'. These reorganization procedures have gained continuous practicability.
Establishment of an aerobatics team with the call sign Turkish Stars was approved on 11 September 1992, for the purpose of promoting the Turkish Air Force in country and aboard; popularizing aviation by improving public relations, and this title was announced on 11 January 1993. Turkish Stars conducted its first display with NF-5 A/B aircraft at the 4th Main Jet Base (Akıncı- Ankara) on 18 June 1993, which was also the closing ceremony of 1993 TAFC gunnery competitions.
The Turkish Air Force consists of personnel divided into two main groups as active duty and reserves, including rated officers, non-commissioned officers (NCOs), military cadets, civilian officials, enlisted personnel and conscripts. In addition, the personnel are divided into various branches and specialties as combatant and auxiliary corps. These branches and specialties are determined according to the requirements of the Turkish Air Force.
Officer requirement of the Turkish Air Force is met by the Air Force Academy as the main source. Students admitted to the Air Force Academy as officer candidates following a civilian or military high school education receive a bachelor's degree with a four-year programme.
Upon the four- year education and training in the Air Force Academy, cadets graduate with the rank of lieutenant as pilot candidates, after acquiring the intellectual and physical maturity, leadership qualities necessary for military missions, sufficient military, technical and social knowledge and competence, ability to pursue and comprehend the gravity of the problems that confront their country and the world, in accordance with the Principles and Revolutions of Atatürk and to adapt to the requirements of the modern era and technology.

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