Barış Akarsu - Ebruli


BARIS decided to apply because he saw an opportunity to get trained by professional trainers. In July 2004 BARIS won the highly publicized 'Akademi Turkiye' and together with this, he fell into the hearts of the millions in Turkey not only as a musician, singer and performer, but also with his wonderful character and always-friendly behaviours for every one he met.
Soon after winning Akademi Turkiye, BARIS released his first album 'Islak Islak' and on August 2006, he released his second album 'Dusmeden Bulutlarda Kosmam Gerek' both produced by Seyhan Music. He has music videos for his songs 'Islak Islak', 'Kimdir O', 'Mavi' and 'Amasra' from his first album.

He also has music videos for his songs 'Vurdum En Dibine Kadar' and 'Yaz Demedim' from his second album.
'Ben' and 'Yeter Be' from his second album was written and composed by him.

During 2006, BARIS was the lead-role actor in the television serial named 'Yalanci Yarim' (which was broadcasted all year long and continued during 2007 until we lost him with one of the most unfortunate car accidents took place in Bodrum) and at the same time he gave many live concerts in several parts of the country and with every day passing, he added thousands of fans from all age groups.

He also gave many charity concerts for the children of leukemia for whom BARIS cared so much and tried to provide them the best he could.
He has a lot of fans whom called themselves BAG ( = The Ones Who Understand BARIS) They have supported him since he joined the Akademi Turkiye. Baris called them : ''my big loving family''.

It is still hard to believe that we have lost him... We have lost a wonderful musician, performer and we lost the future number-one rock star... but above all, we lost a great man, a wonderful person, a benevolent, breadth human-being !
We lost the person with a personality that is very rare to find and impossible to be replaced and his absence will always be felt.

We lost him on 4th of July 2007 after 5 days of deep coma in Private Bodrum Hospital which he was brought after having a car accident on the same day he was born and on the way to his 29th birthday party in Bodrum.
Millions prayed for him to survive while he was in coma in the hospital for five days after the car-accident.
But we lost him !
We lost him while he was getting ready for his third album and when he was planning to make his place certain on the top !
Thousands of people attended his funeral in Amasra ... thousands of people cried after him while millions of people were sharing the same feelings while watching his funeral on the Television.
Rest in Peace BARIS !
Maybe you lived a very short life and maybe there were many things you planned to do.
However, you have showed to everyone all of the ethical values which people seemed to forget.
You have been the best sample for everyone !
Thank you for all you have done and thank you for the values you have showed and added to our lives.
We will never forget you BARIS !
We will always remember you with your smiling face !
-Akademi Türkiye Music Contest First Prize Winner: June 2004
-Olay FM : The Best Runner-ups of 2005 : The Best Runner-Up
Rock Star
-Survey of Future Magazine: The Best Loved Rock Star of 2005
-Turuncu Media Group Organization GOLDEN NOTE MUSIC
AWARDS : The Best Pop Rock Star.
-Istanbul University Informatics Awards Ceremony: Cem Karaca
Special Prize
-USDER (International Health, Education and Social Services
Association) 1st Prize Winner in music branch in the Survey of
'The Bests of The Year'
-Cem KARACA SPECIAL PRIZE Expo channel (april 1st 2007)
-13th Kral Tv video music awards 1st Prize winner in the branch of 'The Best ROCK STAR' (09.05.2007)

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