CHARLIZE THERON'S SEX TAPE - Reklamsız skandal video

Charlize Theron shocks with sex tape (with video)
Starring Charlize Theron
Actress and new mom Charlize Theron caused shockwaves with the release of a sex tape over the weekend. Don't worry though, Theron fans, it was just a joke!

The 36-year-old star was spotted in a sex-tape spoof on April Fools' Day for the US comedy site FunnyOrDie.

'Theron joined forces with FunnyOrDie to parody celebrities whose cell phones have been hacked by 'leaking' a video in which she jokingly records herself in her boudoir berating her very own gimps while two people dressed in carnival masks and robes straight out of Eyes Wide Shut look on,' E! Canada Online reported.

Theron was just one of a host of celebrity pranksters who pulled holiday spoofs including TV personality Conan O'Brien

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